Saturday, October 9, 2010


I love figs. If there is anything in this world better than figs, I don't want to eat it. It will just make the rest of my life a disappointment. During the summer with my cousins, I usually eat a good kilo of figs a day. That's a lot. Unfortunately, people in the states don't seem to believe in figs and their amazingness, and so finding them is really an occasion for celebration.

Did you know figs are grown in the desert?? The trees look all dry and gross, and then from them come these super delicious, sugar bomb juicyness monsters!! I know, I should calm down.
Another fruit I loooove are prickly pears, also pictured above :).

What happens is everyday when I return home from school, I make myself a rather large snack and relax for a bit. That day, I found the figs.
I made myself a plate of green and purple prickly pears, some figs, and half a lime, and realize how pretty it all was.

The lime probably needs to be explained. I'm going to go ahead and say that 90% of fruit are more delicious with lime. Most fruit that I just am not crazy about because they are too sweet; so much better with lime! Guavas, prickly pears, honeycrisp apples are all delicious with lime. I'm not insinuating that the figs need any improvement, because I'm pretty sure everyone now understands how much I love them, but lime just makes them even more amazing.

The only downside was that although I had prepared for the purple prickly pear (tongue twister!) by wearing an old t-shirt, it also stained my hands :). The picture above is after washing my hands a few times, and it didn't fade for about a day.

But in conclusion: I love figs.

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  1. somehow you made figs sound good. I only like them dried I think.