Monday, August 9, 2010

F's Work Bento Boxes - Part 3

This was the last of F's work bento boxes, and made in a bit of a rush. Because I had to pack up my bento boxes to take home with me, I used one of her pyrex glass-because-plastic-leaks-chemicals tupperware.
In it is:
-a sandwich of: a morningstar spicy blackbean burger with avacado, tomato, mayo, spicy mustard, and pickles on an onion roll.
-some dry-looking carrot sticks
-half an apple, slices and limed

The whole sandwich is skewered on one of my plastic (that leaks chemicals) Popsicle sticks, because F doesn't have wooden skewers ad who wants to eat a sandwich that has completely fallen apart?

Man, I love those spicy black bean burgers. They're almost one of my favorite freezer foods, and they're awesome for breakfast too! I want one right now, actually...

F was rather sad when I left, and I was too, but I have this feeling that maybe she's missing having her lunch packed for her, ready to go in the refrigerator every morning, more than she misses me? Quite possible.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

F's Work Bento Boxes - Part 2

Unfortunately, F left her bento box at work the day before - which led to an exchange reminiscent of a parent and a grade-school kid who had left their lunchbox on the playground. I put her in time out, and improvised with the next day's lunch.

I bargained some pita into this bento, which made me feel quite pleased with myself :))
In this lock-and-load box:
-more chicken salad, this time more salad-y and less chicken-y, with carrots and spinach
-kiwi, with apple underneath
-grapefruit and basil salad
-in the stacked silicon cups: ranch dressing and pistachios, both for the salad
-celery and Istanbul white cheese pita roll-ups
-cottage cheese (ewwww) with blueberries and kiwi layered in

Good thing F remembered to bring both lunchboxes home or she would have been in biiiiig trouble hahahahahaha.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

F's Work Bento Boxes - Part 1

For the past week I've been staying with my sister F, and because she is my original bento benefactor, I decided to pack some supplies :)) For the past couple of days, I've been making her bento box lunches to take to work. Naturally, F couldn't make anything simple (hahahaha) and told me that she wants a "healthy lunch". So there went one of the boxes, but nonetheless, I persevered!

Above in her first-ever-bento-work-lunch:
-purple box: home-made chicken salad of chicken breast, light mayo, apple, celery, lemon juice, and black pepper, all in a romaine lettuce cup, topped with a little lemon wedge :)
-orange box: carrot sticks, green olives, and some yogurt-ranch-dressing topped with some carrot tops to keep it from sloshing :)
-red box: apple bunny and apple checkerboard, and some kiwi flowers
-green box: 1% cottage cheese, filled with some cereal, in a plum-cup. I know. Cottage cheese - super gross in my book! But F likes it sooo....

F reported that she hid when she ate it, because she didn't want anyone to give her awesome lunch the evil eye, and give her a stomach ache :))