Monday, August 9, 2010

F's Work Bento Boxes - Part 3

This was the last of F's work bento boxes, and made in a bit of a rush. Because I had to pack up my bento boxes to take home with me, I used one of her pyrex glass-because-plastic-leaks-chemicals tupperware.
In it is:
-a sandwich of: a morningstar spicy blackbean burger with avacado, tomato, mayo, spicy mustard, and pickles on an onion roll.
-some dry-looking carrot sticks
-half an apple, slices and limed

The whole sandwich is skewered on one of my plastic (that leaks chemicals) Popsicle sticks, because F doesn't have wooden skewers ad who wants to eat a sandwich that has completely fallen apart?

Man, I love those spicy black bean burgers. They're almost one of my favorite freezer foods, and they're awesome for breakfast too! I want one right now, actually...

F was rather sad when I left, and I was too, but I have this feeling that maybe she's missing having her lunch packed for her, ready to go in the refrigerator every morning, more than she misses me? Quite possible.


  1. I loved this bento!!! I miss you :)

  2. shame on F. after eating all these beautiful Bento Boxes she does not have a suitable comment. I would have written 1/2 a page about every one!!!

    do not feel discouraged my dear. you can try me.

  3. Who wrote this insidious comment?? Show your face like a man!