Thursday, August 5, 2010

F's Work Bento Boxes - Part 2

Unfortunately, F left her bento box at work the day before - which led to an exchange reminiscent of a parent and a grade-school kid who had left their lunchbox on the playground. I put her in time out, and improvised with the next day's lunch.

I bargained some pita into this bento, which made me feel quite pleased with myself :))
In this lock-and-load box:
-more chicken salad, this time more salad-y and less chicken-y, with carrots and spinach
-kiwi, with apple underneath
-grapefruit and basil salad
-in the stacked silicon cups: ranch dressing and pistachios, both for the salad
-celery and Istanbul white cheese pita roll-ups
-cottage cheese (ewwww) with blueberries and kiwi layered in

Good thing F remembered to bring both lunchboxes home or she would have been in biiiiig trouble hahahahahaha.

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