Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm Perfectly Normal

Normal 17-year-olds do make savory crepes for dinner when there is nothing to eat, therefore, there is nothing abnormal about me and my habits.

So the fact that I was hungry has been established, but you really don't understand the full circumstances. There was really nothing to eat. My mother suggested oatmeal, which I hate after a month of eating a cup and a half of it every morning at 5am and no I will not give it another chance it's disgusting. My father had eaten already, and therefore disenfranchised himself from my problems. In the end, it was up to me, my pantry, and the vegetable drawer in the fridge. So naturally, because I can't eat oatmeal, had eggs for breakfast, and didn't want cereal, I made mushroom crepes. Perfectly rational, you see??

I just made a regular crepe batter, the recipe to which I'm not offering because seriously there was nothing special about it, sauteed some mushrooms, and went to work. The mushrooms were the real star of the show. I cut them finely, and sauteed them in a little bit of butter and some sliced garlic forever. Then I added some cream, maybe a spoon of it. So this really wasn't that light, but I was starving, okay??
The real tragedy was that there was no Parmesan cheese to add to the mushrooms, which would have made them 14810 times better. Really 14810 times.

It was the assembly which maybe makes this look unusual, if there was, which it is not, an atypical meal. I just laid out a crepe, spooned on mushroom stuff, folded and repeated.

It was good, but my family is still making fun of me.


  1. A++ for anything with mushrooms. Plus for those of us noobies, I would still like the crepe batter recipe :) -Frieda

  2. I have to try it,because I can not imagine crepe with any thing than sweet syrup.
    secret loyal admirer