Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boring Beach Eats

I haven't bento'd in a couple of days, but I have been eating some pretty yummy things :))
Here's actually one of my favorite things to eat. Working out of a beach pantry, a couple of my favorite foods quickly become out of reach (such as anything containing milk, flour, sugar, butter, spices other than salt and pepper...I could go on for a while).
So I turned to this staple.
Above is:
-toasted whole wheat pita
-tuna with olive oil, salt and pepper, lime, and green onion.
-domestic feta (really good feta too, not dry at all)
-awesome cantelope, with lime squeezed on top. I'm on another lime & fruit kick. I honestly believe that 99% of fruits taste better with lime squeezed on top. A great example is figs, which I've been obsessing over for..... a while now. I really want figs. I really really want figs. Big, juicy, purple-skinned figs that are so ripe the skin is splitting apart. The kind that are full of those little seeds, and unbelievably sweet, and oh my god I'm going to stop now.
Yeah, I know, pretty boring meal, but it's better than nothing!


  1. Not boring at all! you make me soooo hungry!! :)

  2. its delicious for those who r on diet :D