Saturday, July 3, 2010

That Time the Pioneer Woman Took Over My Life

(me and my sisters' pizza, with spinach, onion, and garlic)

It was definitely not gradual. First I found her website, and I think it took something like ten minutes to get obsessed with her. Somewhere between her roasted red pepper pasta recipe and herb garden, I started wanting to be her.
This obsession led to a three day cooking marathon that coincided with the whole family being home. It was awesome. It all started that Friday, when I decided to make pizza.
Now, my pizza dough is not that shabby. It's usually pretty yummy, has those nice big bubbles, and super fun to make. The Pioneer Woman's pizza dough? I'm not sure I can even come to terms with how wrong my pizza dough has been for so long, in comparison to hers. It was amazing. Because of my inability to actually do anything according to recipe, I used half wheat flour, added a couple tablespoons extra honey, and extra salt.
Now, half way through this pizza-dough making process, my sister F texts me from the airport, and asks - no demands - (really, asks) that I make whole wheat pizza dough. I sent back some snappy text, and immediately feel like not making pizza. Teenage rebellion, I guess. Nevermind her uncouth demands (hahaha) I continued, and it turned out beautimous!
Thankfully, H made me take some pictures, before it disappeared in about ten minutes. Below is my parent's pizza, which has about every vegetable we had in our fridge and some jalapenos on it.

Now, let me get to the real important part of the pizza here. Not the dough - which does make a difference - or the cheese (I like those little baby mozzarella balls!) - it's my sauce. I'm going to go ahead and say it. My sauce is boss.
I'm really hungry for pizza now :))

And this? This is only like 1/5 of the cooking I did that weekend. I'm still recovering :))


  1. You are going to put pizza people out of the receipe as a secret.

  2. I am so hungry after reading this. I will ignore the comments about F :)

  3. hahaha :)))
    well, i'm never revealing my sauce recipe :)
    i'm hungry toooo!

  4. OMGooooooosh, that looks soooooooooo gooooooood! You've suceeded in making my tummy growl! Do you do delivery? ;-) Seriously, YUM! Lucky family you have! :)

    Interested in sharing your boss sauce recipe? We have been looking for a good one for a long time!

    Love your blog title - "bento momento" - cute!

  5. Thank you! Hahaha, I deliver only to one address, and that happens to be mine :))
    A sauce recipe post may be coming soon!
    Thank you - but I have to credit my oldest sister for the blog title :))

  6. When can I start bragging about you and sharing this blog with my friends?