Sunday, July 4, 2010

Testing Bento

My sister H's exam was 8 hours long, so I decided this was a perfect bento opportunity :)
Above is the full box - but before I updated the fruit section.
It has:
-square box: tuna sandwich on honeywheat bread with a cucumber and red bell pepper smiley, and some cucumber slices and red bell pepper stars. The cucumber comes from the massive plant in my garden :))
-a variety of Kashi TLC bars for her snacks - it was eight hours! And that rubber band was to hold shut the fruit box, which was so full it looked ready to pop :)

-fruit box: ripe plum, apple checkerboard and apple bunnies, orange slices, and some kiwi flowers. I didn't know we had kiwi until I was finding room for the box in the fridge, and decided to include it.

The best part of this bento was that it all fit perfectly inside a ziplock gallon bag! I know that doesn't sound very exciting - but it made a perfect cube!

Later, when I picked H up from the exam, I looked inside the box. Most everything except the sandwich was gone, and she hadn't even noticed the apple bunnies! But I couldn't really get annoyed, seeing how tired she looked from the exam.

I showed her the apple bunny trick later, and she really liked it :))


  1. You must be the nicest sister ever! What fantastic bentos those are! I'm sure they helped make a looooong exam day much more bearable. :)