Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Surprise Bento!

So apparently, the museum in my city allows free entrance on Tuesdays! Me and a friend decided to go, and decided that she'd chauffeur, and I would picnic :))
The night before I had this sudden craving though. And I really had to make sushi. I had to. I'm not sure what would have happened if I didn't, but I'm glad I did. So here are the boxes, in ascending order of excitement :)))
Above is the top tier with:
-wasabi and assorted soy sauce packages
-pickled ginger and candied ginger (actually pretty yummy!)
-brownies...and I'm going to go ahead and admit, I should have ziplocked or saranwrapped those brownies because they came out tasting rather wasabi-like.

In the middle tier:
-onigiri (rice balls) with sesame. I mostly made these because I had short-grain rice around, and wanted to try out the gadget F got me. There are no triangle shapes here, because rather counter-intuitively, the triangle shape was the hardest to get out of the mold!
-cucumber separator
-some cut fuji apple, bunny and checkerboard style :) I really need to learn some new way of cutting apples.
-awesome plums - these are seriously awesome. They're so sweet that when you open them, there is crystallized sugar in the center. Not kidding.

The bottom and awesomest tier:
-two types of sushi rolls: vegetable rolls with cucumber, carrot, avocado, and cream cheese; salmon rolls (what the flower is made of) with smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado (only one of the three salmon rolls had avocado because I decided I don't like it with salmon), and cream cheese.
Yum! This box is definitely picnic size :))

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