Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hungry Morning

I woke up hungry.
This usually doesn't happen, but I convinced myself until I fell asleep around two a.m. that I was not hungry and would not go downstairs and eat.

So I woke up around eleven starving.
I ended up making this amazing omelet, which kept me full until late at night. It may not look terribly pretty, but that can be blamed on my photography skills and flipping egg skills :))

In the omelet are sautéed onions, mushrooms, and pan-fried potatoes (the one time my pan fried potatoes actually cooked! I cut them really small this time, and I think that's the trick. An unbelievably sophisticated solution to my uncooked potatoes, I know), and muenster cheese. In short, this omelet was terribly light and airy, and not at all a high calorie food.

On the side is a cut nectarine, which I think I added to the effect of lightening the meal, the same way someone ordering two big macs at mcdonalds orders a diet coke.

Yum :))


  1. This looks tasty particularly the potatoes. Also. I wake up hungry every morning :)) when do I get to see more bento animals

  2. Bento animals??? what?
    hahaha something very non-bento will be up soon.
    more bentos will be up when i stay with you!