Friday, July 9, 2010

First Egg-Mold Bento

I made a bento for my dad's lunch today, even though we weren't going anywhere :))
Mostly, and secretly, because I wanted to try out an egg mold.
-red box: more bean salad (black bean, pinto, corn) in some romaine lettuce with some cilantro on top
-yellow box: whole wheat tortilla round, a supposedly car-shaped egg (I think the problem is that I suck at peeling eggs. Next time I'll peel the egg a little more cleanly, and hopefully not use Extra Jumbo size eggs :)) and some checkered apple to prop the egg up.
-main box: carrot and cucumber (garden!) salad in purple cabbage, some labna (sour-cream-ish cheese), and some apricot and lime slices on popsicle sticks.

I'm pretty pleased, although I wish I could've found a way to fill up the egg compartment a little better :)) I kept trying to figure out what to stick in there! Next time, I think I'll squeeze the egg in the large side. And hopefully, figure out how to peel eggs :)))


  1. brilliant! every day you make me hungrier. I can see the car :) I LIKE

  2. zank you! hahaha i suck at peeling eggs!