Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Real Bento Box Bento

Because of the awesome new supplies I got yesterday, I decided to make a bento box for my mom's work lunch.
Above is the lunch :)
In the split box, clockwise from top left: roasted sweet potato chips, carrot stars, green grapes and a plum, salad of toppings for fajitas (lettuce, queso fresco, salsa) and radish flowers, and checkerboarded apple and apple bunny.
In the bottom tier box, clockwise from top left: sauteed vegetables and bean mix in lettuce wraps for the fajitas, whole wheat tortillas (2), guacamole, limes, and corn on the cob.
The guacamole is in the first supply I ever bought for bento - which are these stainless steel little cups from Walmart, 4 for a dollar. They fit perfectly in the new box!
I realized though, when I put the box together, that I didn't have any bands! Or even ribbon or large elastic bands, so I ripped some scrap fabric and safety-pinned it on hahahaa.
When I finished filling the box I realized just how much food it was!
I think from now on I'll only use the top tier :))
My mom's reaction was "This one is for tomorrow, and this one for the day after?"


  1. YUM!!! Love the supply containers they are awesome! but not as awesome as you ;)

  2. Thanks for the containers! It was a lot of food! aww thanks :))