Monday, July 12, 2010

Travel-Snack Bento Box & Brownies!

For my road-trip on Sunday, for a college interview, I packed some snacks for my road-hungry family in the new box F got for me!:))
-orange box: Oranges and apples with lime
-purple box: fresh almonds (the green things), homemade brownies, true north nut clusters, and really good plums
-orange box: sandwich halves of turkey, tomato, cucumber, and muenster with mayo and mustard on honeywheat.
The brownies in the purple box are pretty awesome, and my mom and brother really really like them. Bellow is the recipe - which is a weird hybrid of various recipes :))e
If you can figure out my weird abbreviations, go for it! This might one day become the rosetta stone to my unique recipe shorthand hahahaha.


  1. brilliant much coffee! and um what order do I mix everything together?

  2. hahaha about a teaspoon or two of the instant granules or two of tablespoons coffee from the pot, and if you use the liquid i would omit one egg white
    so this is the order:
    sugar & butter & oil - cream
    add the cocoa powder - whisk
    add the eggs and coffee and vanilla - whisk until you can't see the graininess of the sugar granules anymore
    then add all of the dry ingredients and mix as little as possible :))
    enjoy! they're seriously awesome! and btw - probably take about 20 minutes in reality

  3. thanks for the reality check ;) and I was never gone to infer the above explanation from that piece of paper!

  4. hhahahaha fifi! it's just liquids, mix, add solids, mix - but more complicated :)))
    enjoy- seriously! these are awesome. and if you have expensive cocoa powder, like ghiradelli or omg godiva - it would probably be even better