Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Y's Sunny Work Bento

When telling my cousin, Y, the other day about my new bento boxing hobby, she asked if I would make a bento box of what she should bring to work for lunch :)) I immediately agreed, even though we're a couple of thousand miles apart, and made this bento for her in spirit, and gave it to my mom to eat in real life.

In this bento box:
-green box: Thai Crunch Salad (a copy of the CPK version) which includes most notably: garlic chicken, carrots, cabbage, cucumber (garden!), peanuts, and edamame. It's packed inside of a romaine lettuce cup, and garnished with some cilantro.
-red box: some cheddar cheese and apple flowers with whole wheat pita triangles.
-purple box: some home-made trial mix made of peanuts, almonds, chopped dates, and chopped dried mango.
-orange box: orange wedges and some awesome cherries.

When I made this bento I kept in mind that my cousin Y doesn't really have a singular long lunch break, but a couple of smaller breaks throughout the day, so I made a lot of small snackable boxes instead of taking out a couple of the smaller boxes as I would for a larger one-sitting lunch.

I figured this bento is pretty sunny because of all the orange - between the carrots, cheddar, orange, and mango - and it's a bit of a play on the type of weather Y is having right now.

Hope you enjoy, Y!


  1. really enjoyed it though i didn't eat it!!
    however by asking your mom she said it was very delicious despite that the cheddar triangles was cold :P bs it would be cold anyway the time i will eat it :D :D :D
    the rial mix is my fav :-)

  2. brilliant. when do I get one again? :)

  3. yousra - i'm glad you liked it :)) the bread was cold, that was the sole problem

    frieda - once i come visit you isa!