Friday, July 2, 2010

The Sort-of-First Bento

This isn't really my first bento, but the second. Unfortunately, I never took pictures of the first one, and now that absolute masterpiece is lost to society. Good riddance :)))
To start with, my main bento recipient to date is my sister, H, who for the past month was studying really really hard.

This not-technically-first bento box (tupperware) consists of:
-main box: salmon and cream cheese open-faced sandwich stars (on those awesome sandwich thins!), some naan stars, olives under the naan, and cucumbers sticks. In the two little containers (tupperware) are greek yogurt (the red is a bit of paprika, I thought it'd be pretty) and homemade hummus, for the naan and cucumbers.
-in the smaller box is a cut-and-limed apple, back in my naive youth when I didn't know how to make apple bunnies. So basically, yeah, two weeks ago.
-in the bottom right corner is a banana boat, which is a banana that has a third of its peel taken off, peanut butter spread on, and is cut into fork-able pieces. Or sporkable. Whatever floats your boat (hey it's a pun!) :))

H liked it....a lot :). Her only critique was the black pepper on the salmon-stars, which she rubbed off. But yeah, I admit, I might have gone a little overboard with my new pepper mill :))

1 comment:

  1. you are an artist, i do not think anyone would want to eat this and destroy it
    can you make me a bento box? or is it only for hard working people?